5000 Mastiffs


In the 13th century the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan owned 5000 Mastiffs.  He used them for hunting and war.

We’ve all heard about the “crazy cat lady” who hoards and “rescues” every cat near and far but Kublai clearly had her beat with his 5000 dogs!

Many believe this was the most dogs ever owned by one person.  That is one giant kennel loaded with giant dogs.  (I thought Stevens Family Kennels and Dog Language Center was nice with our 4000 square feet!  Kublai probably would’ve mocked me.)


Here’s a French Mastiff at our Dog Language Center

I can only imagine the poor bloke who had to pick up after the 5000 Mastiffs!  Talk about a crappy job.



(keeping my posts brief, folks, because I’m getting close to finishing my BOOK!)


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