I just wanted to Thank You


I just wanted to pause for a moment and thank you all for reading my stuff.  I know I probably come off like an arrogant prick occasionally and please understand that’s not my intention it’s probably just who I am (hahaha- little joke – that’s partially true).

I am so blessed though whenever I think of my readers (readers of my books and of this blog) and those that are willing to look boldly and honestly at themselves and to look with a curious and open mind at their dogs as we imagine a brighter future together.  It is a very exciting time to be alive and active.

I also wanted to let you all know that I don’t get online and critique some random electrician’s wiring job on a new home, and I don’t write bad reviews of restaurants, and I don’t criticize how my mechanic could have done a better job.  I leave those professionals, and others like them, space to do their work as genuine professionals in their specific fields.  Unfortunately, this is hardly the case where dog trainers are concerned because every Tom, Dick, and Harry has had a dog of his own.  And the internet crowds obviously do not mind, even as lay people, critiquing (and or lying about) an expert that has bled and sweat for many years to build a successful business that has served thousands of dogs over the years and stimulated authentic and lasting change in both canine and human alike.  It’s strange to me that these lay folk, these non-professionals, these people that have never helped a dog with true human aggression or with severe dog-dog aggression (let alone handled thousands of them), would be so free with their criticisms.  Maybe it’s just the foolish trap of the inter webs?  Perhaps they’ve never read Roosevelt’s classic “Man In The Arena” speech about how “It is not the critic who counts…”  Friends, I have been a man in this specific arena for a long time and wanted to take a moment to thank you all for sticking with me.  Your comments and legitimate questions and shares on this blog cheer me on.

So if, at any time on this blog of mine, I seem a bit assertive it is because the dog training world and many a dog owner we encounter is filled with high emotions and with misinformation concerning nature and dogs.  I am trying daily to calm and clarify a portion of it for all our clients and for all our faithful followers.  If I seem a bit defensive occasionally or on the attack in my writing, it is because I see hosts of damaged dogs and hear stories from clients who tried other training (often with methods filled with ridiculous and unnatural training techniques) before those same clients happened upon our custom behavior mod. and finally began to see a difference within their pet.  I see these dogs and hear these true and sometimes harrowing stories over and over, day after day, month after month, and year after year.  And so, instead of mourning for a lost industry that cranks out neurotic dog after neurotic dog, personally, I get active and assertive and – I get to work.  I am assertive because I actually care!  Thank you for your understanding.

As many of you know, we train and rehab dogs around the clock – we don’t have the time or the luxury to give “free evaluations” like many dog training companies do because all our hours are filled to the brim with private session after private session, and with time spent helping those dogs fortunate enough to grab a spot in our behavioral board and train at Stevens Family Kennels.  A bulk of our life is spent serving dogs and clients and trying to fix problems.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to share our stories and my behavioral training or “anti-training” advice – each time you do you never really know just what dog owner and dog you could help.  And that’s exciting!  Thank you so much for reading my two books and please keep an eye out for the third – in it I will reveal even more of our instinctual methods.  I promise if you apply our stuff properly (using the 4 Pillars of dog language and the Garrett Stevens method) it truly works to calm dogs down and to help them align their senses, and it works to help you build a healthier relationship with the unique and fascinating species we all simply call…a dog!

Thanks again,




6 thoughts on “I just wanted to Thank You

  1. Jim Cabral

    Hey Garrett. Here’s someone who gets you. This is on my office wall. Original copy, which is to say it’s a copy signed by Penley from an entrepreneur even I attended. Keep the faith, bro.

    -Jim Cabral

  2. cravkers

    Hi to the best family and team—we wanted to thank YOU! We try never to take your writing, views & information for granted this sensational post just proves our point—you are always rich with knowledge & bring poise & professionalism to your endeavors. We just want to THANK YOU for all the help you provide and all the good you do for man and animal. Wishing you continued blessing and success during these times we want to drive up your driveway and visit you soon you are not only state-known, nationally known but you are quite literally known around the world! Love, your friends from South Korea—🇰🇷🇺🇸🐾 S & D Robinson

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    • We gratefully acknowledge the delegate from South Korea. Thanks for the encouragement. Update during this craziness: we are doing quite well and new behavior training appointments continue to pour in. The kennel side of the biz took a hit because all our Spring Break reservations cancelled but I have a feeling it’s about to come roaring back once people either – practice civil disobedience and say no to quarantining the healthy or…the government opens up the world again…either way people are gonna go on vacations at some point and we’ll be there for their dogs.

  3. Kym Aho

    Thank you so much for the help you have given Lokey & I. In just 5 sessions you have helped me, to be able to help Lokey. I cannot wait to learn more! When I told people about your book & that I was working with you, all kinds of free advice & opinions & “traditional dog training” facts were thrown at me, (as if I hadn’t done “Training” before) to the point that people were rude to me. I’m not sure why people feel the need to attack someone who is doing the amazing work you are doing, or an owner working on having a healthy balanced dog. The methods & results are what matter, regardless of certifications, traditions & titles. Thank you for being exactly who you are & for doing the amazing work you do!

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