a note from Garrett Stevens: Author of Dog Myths and owner/operator of Alpha and Omega Dog Training

I want to be your resource.  This blog should be educational, interesting, inspiring and down-right excellent for anyone interested in natural dog handling, dog whispering, dog training and dog behavior modification.  If you have a puppy or dog this blog is for you!

The majority of articles will be written by Garrett Stevens – Owner of Alpha and Omega Dog Training.    Some of my articles have already previously been published in the Pet Connection Magazine as I am a contributing author for them concerning all things dog behavior and dog whispering.  Please check out my  training website (www.gstevensdogtrainer.com) for more detailed information about me or my company – we have an excellent reputation.  Any Breed, Any Age, Any Problem!

As I work (literally almost seven days a week) whispering, training and behaviorally rehabbing aggressive, fearful, dominant, anxious, nervous, hyper, and dangerous dogs (and, of course, plenty of normal dogs and puppies too)  I have discovered quite a bit of useful info from studying a canine’s natural energy and body language that I want to share in this blog…particularly the info that is not out in the mainstream dog training world as a whole.

Did you know that much of the typical training methods used all over the world in dog training today by the large majority of trainers and behaviorists are based in the use of Excitement and that that is the complete opposite of what the mother and father dog would use to teach their developing pups?

Were you aware that many common dog training methods can actually backfire on the owner as the puppy matures into a dog and learns to manipulate it’s energy to get away with over-excitement (which leads to a host of behavioral issues)?

Please read some articles and be sure to click the Follow link if you want the updated posts to go right to your email where you can read it at your leisure.

If you need or want help with your dog or pup feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for checking us out…I really believe you’ll get a lot out of what you read.

-Garrett Stevens

Author of HOT Listed book on dog and human behavior, DOG MYTHS: What you Believe about dogs can come back to BITE You! 

Owner of multi-award winning Alpha and Omega Dog Training in Tacoma, WA (not associated with any other companies)

Got Calm?  Get Garrett!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brian DeBord

    We have two dogs that have gotten into fights but they are getting larger and the fighting seems more intense. They lock on and we can’t separate them. We would like to contact someone locally for an analysis and training but we have no idea who would be able to help us, or who really knows what’s needed.
    Can you recommend someone in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area?

    • Hi Sir, unfortunately we are local to the Tacoma, WA area and do not know anyone to recommend in your area. The best thing to do when you finally do get them separated is a forced walk where the dogs are made to heel parallel to each other which encourages re-bonding and allows for recovery while still draining energy and showing leadership on the part of the owner. If they dont know how to heel, that to needs to be addressed individually. They should walk beside you, or even slightly behind. It is not a walk to explore or smell but to follow your lead and to promote unity in the pack. When they come home, you can trust them more when the energy is drained and theyve just been following your lead. HOWEVER, keep a sharp eye on resources and tight spaces as this can easily trigger another fight. Please feel free to follow/subscribe to our blog for more info and keep an eye out for my coming book. Thank you for commenting!

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