A New year…


As 2013 comes to a rapid close I imagined how the natural world (animals- our dogs) would process a “New Year.”  Of course, they don’t really care or are not really aware concerning things like our New Year’s celebrations because they already live totally “in the moment.”  Each day for a dog could be viewed as a brand New Year!  Take that thought to heart when dealing with a puppy or dog with a behavioral issue…it should help you greatly!

We know they don’t view time the same way as humans do.  And they certainly don’t keep over-busy schedules where they become slaves to the rat-race like we do.  Also, our dogs have no need for any New Years resolutions (particularly because they are not deceptive, egotistical, evil or immoral, or any of the other host of problems that plague humanity – I like to say there are no “good” or “bad” dogs…just dogs with social behavioral habits or unsocial (fight/flight) habits.)

As we reflect back on a (hopefully) excellent year and excitedly anticipate an even better new year remember to work with and explore Mother Nature a bit more this next year.  Take the time to slow down.  Breathe.  Reflect.  Meditate.  Concentrate.  Focus.  Relax.  Get out of doors.  Put your cell phone down!  Have family meals together.  Use the Slight Edge (an excellent book by Jeff Olson- I highly recommend it) daily in your life.  Act on purpose.  Make more friends.  Basically, act like a calm social dog would.

Social dogs run to get the heart rate up and play with friends.  They hang out socially.  They would explore and traverse large territories outside if we let them. They guard our hearth and home.

Our dogs stand as one of our last links to a simpler and better time.  A time linked to Mother Nature.  And we can join them in that world at the drop of a hat if we so choose.  Do it.  You won’t ever regret slowing down to catch up with what is important to the animal that lives so closely with you and your family.

Start out the New Year like a dog.  Stay moving and exploring.  Get outside.  Cuddle with your pack at night.  And always guard what is most important in life.

Happy New Year from your local neighborhood dog guru!