Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble…


In the Middle Ages dogs were often tried and punished along with their owners.  Two dogs were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 for witchcraft.

Dogs have often suffered in their 10,000-20,000 thousand year partnership with mankind.  Whether from actual physical abuse or just mental and emotional.  Try to do your best to balance a great relationship with your dog and don’t forget to give them exercise, discipline and rules, and some loving each day.

Just out for a normal midnight game of catch with my two headed, beady eyed, dog and my ax. Maybe he was planning to get rid of one of the heads while the dog was distracted in its frenzied prey drive? Or maybe the ax is for the living serpent-root of that tree?

If you’re staying home to pass out tricks or treats don’t forget to work your dog on Calm doorway greetings (see our excellent post).  You should control the doorway entrance Not your dogs.  Claim your personal space, the doorway, and your dog’s personal space.

I don’t know if this is the diet your local vet would recommend for your growing pup but I’m sure the dog enjoyed it.

If you’re planning to go out be sure to work your dog in “heel” and rest assured it will be fantastic socialization for them (proceed with caution if your dog is fearful- we don’t want anyone getting bit- unless you are bitten by some pathetically sensitive, brooding, teenage vampire or werewolf!)

Have a safe All Hallows Eve and have fun howling at the mooooooooooooon!!!

I don’t quite know what’s going on with this guy but it’s either gotta be Werewolf Tai Chi or maybe some medieval game of catch…? Either way he’s definitely got a great therapeutic stretch going for his left ankle.