Doggie Devotion


Dogs have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend” throughout history, with tales coming from all over the world with the common thread of the faithfulness of dogs.  The most common dog name, Fido, comes from fidelis in Latin, or “I am faithful.” Stories such as that of Capitán, a German Shepherd who ran away from his home In central Argentina after the death of his owner Miguel Guzmán in 2006. A week or so later, Guzmán’s family found Capitán standing guard at Guzmán’s grave after finding the cemetery on his own. When brought home, Capitán again ran away back to the grave of his former owner. As of January, 2013, he continues to stand vigil over his owner’s grave and receives provisions from the cemetery staff so he does not need to leave.  Image

Photo credit: La Voz

Hawkeye, a Labrador retriever, stayed by the coffin of his owner, Jon Tumilson, a Navy SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan on August 06, 2011 when the Chinook he was riding on was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade.Image

Lisa Pembleton  /  Getty Images

Carlo Soriani died in an air raid in Italy in 1943 during WWII; his dog Fido waited for his return for the following 14 years, going daily to the bus stop where the man used to get off after coming home from work.

Heidi, a Jack Russell terrier, made her way down a 500-foot drop in Scotland to get to the body of her owner after he fell to his death while hiking and stood guard over his body for two days in 2001.

There are countless stories of the faithfulness of dogs to their humans.  Such amazing devotion is surely why they hold the title Man’s Best Friend.  

As you spend time with your dog today, be sure to exercise, set rules and be the sort of leader your dog will happily follow.