A quote on quality…


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”


You’ll never regret getting the best for yourself, your family, or your pets.  I get calls constantly and the first thing people mention is price.  I understand keeping to a budget is important and I understand getting the most bang for your buck is very important.  But if you could hear all the horror stories and count all the wasted money on poor quality trainers and poor quality behaviorists my clients come across before they finally use us you would be shocked!

When looking for a trainer ask about price by all means but be sure to ask about how they plan to fix your dog’s behavioral issues!  Quality is key.  And don’t just go with the cheapest group class available because if you do there is an extremely high chance you’ll be needing more training in the future and you’ll be paying twice instead of just hiring the right company initially!




Wanna be a dog trainer? Do you like getting bit?



Are you ready to get bit? If not…don’t get into dog training or behavior modification.


So many folks now-a-days want to be trainers or behaviorists or dog whisperers yet they are not prepared for real aggression.  I suppose I should thank them because it makes my company stand out as one of the best because “we ain’t afraid of no…dogs”  (Sorry about my lame attempt at a Ghost Busters joke)

Seriously, though, be prepared to get bit, scratched, torn, dirty, and sprayed with anal glands!  If you are in the least bit afraid…….the dogs will sense it!!!  Once that happens forget any and all leadership on your part because you won’t be able to lead from a place of fear or nervousness.


I have been bit several times over the years.  Not bad bites, usually, because my skills protect me.  But let me say quite clearly…most people should Not be dog trainers because most people don’t know the language.

Just because you “love” dogs does not mean you should work with them or fix their behavioral issues or that you are cut out to be an entrepreneur!  And the dogs will be the first ones to prove that to you if you aren’t careful!  

It’s great to love dogs but remember, there is no real love if there is not respect and honesty with it.  And I’ve found most humans don’t actually respect dogs.  If we did truly respect them we would take the time to learn and speak their language much more efficiently than we do currently.


PS.  Here are a few other considerations…

Think seriously about entering a field that is already inundated with competition.  Only 2% of people are successful entrepreneurs.  You have to be good with and be able to influence dogs and people (this is rare…many times folks are good with one or the other).  And don’t forget to add a host of other entrepreneurial, people and dog skills you would have to develop over years.