As my upcoming 3rd book on dog language and behavior is almost finished and since I have not been on here in quite a long while, I thought it was important to reach out to you, the open-minded, you, the nature-lovers, you, the dog disciples, and you, the faithful few fans of what is true and factual according to how all canines act and live their life on this planet we share together. In this exciting installment from yours truly – The Canine Calmer – we examine a discovery unique to my company and our custom natural method (the Garrett Stevens Method)! Let’s dive in…

Dogs don’t just suddenly turn and attack someone out of the blue. They don’t just live a normal existence and then one day lose their minds and bite a neighbor or the neighbor’s dog. It is important to free yourself from this ridiculous myth in order to move forward towards real world results and behavioral understanding and success. There are always signs and symptoms of a subtly growing problem…it’s just that most everyone on the earth (and I’m not exaggerating here) doesn’t understand even rudimentary dog language and touch communication – thus – problems within a pup or dog can steadily grow over months and then the final result is a bite or an attack. To combat this common misunderstanding of canine communication and behavior I train (over a 1000 clients and dogs every 6 months) I board, and I write this blog, and I write my books for anybody willing to think uniquely and according to nature on the subject of dog training and behavior.

Here are the Escalating Levels of touching/mouthing (that can lead your puppy into becoming an aggressive monster if you don’t pay attention to these!)

  1. Nose nudging and or Licking
  2. Mouthing and or continued nipping
  3. Mouthing with occasional hard chew on the person’s hand
  4. Open mouth hit (often when a person touches them in a place the dog is uncomfortable with)
  5. Actual Bite and quick release or retreat
  6. Bite and bite again
  7. Bite and hold
  8. Bite and hold with kill shake

The main problem occurs because caring puppy owners or those with new rescue dogs don’t stop the rude and manipulative touches, the first few touches on our list, from continuing…then…the dog is free to escalate to as high a level as he/she wants to!

I had a whole couple paragraphs and a pic for you on this one but WordPress altered their formatting and it lost half my post here so I’m sick of sitting and wasting my life on this computer – one has to move to live you know 😉 And so, I’ll sign off for now and let you examine and think about our list and how touch, a puppy’s first sense and the 1st Pillar of Dog Language (what my upcoming book is all about) can make or break the dog-human bond and the peace in your household.